Friday, 12 October 2012

Programme - 17th November

Section A:

                Chair: GONZÁLEZ, Alejandro
10:00     FILIPOW, Elżbieta Anna: »“Others” of Reason by Michel Foucault«
10:30     PETER, Lilian: »Blanchot’s Thinking the Other: The Indissoluble Contradiction of Being«
11:00     MAATZ, Anke: »Spatial Metaphor in the Encounter with the Other«
11:30     Break

                Chair: FILIPOW, Elżbieta Anna
12:00     GONZÁLEZ, Alejandro: »Empathy and Identity: An Existential Reflection About the Other«
12:30    FEINGOLD, Daniel: »How and Why do We Understand the Emotions of Others so Well: Evolution, Neurocognition and Psychopathology.«
13:00     BORA BASHIZI, Jackson: »Relationship with Others«
13:30     Lunch Break

                Chair: ŠKOF, Nika
15:30     ZELOVICH, Lilla: »A Defense of Care Ethics against the "Slave Morality" Criticism«
16:00     KARAMI, Sepideh: »Aesthetics of Agonism and Informal Action of the Others«
16:30     IVANOVIĆ, Mlađo: »Medusa’s Gaze and the Other: Prosthetics and Aesthetics of Social Exclusion«
17:00     Break
18:45     Closing

Section B:

                Chair: KOVAČIČ, Tanja
10:00  SEMJONOVA, Marija: »Two-Dimensional Body: the Concept of the Otherness in Women’s Postmodern Novel«
10:30    MRAK, Anja: »Who is Really the Other? The Wolf or Red Riding Hood?  An Analysis of Angela Carter’s Transformation of the Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale«
11:30     Break

                Chair:    SEMJONOVA, Marija
12:00     KOVAČIČ, Tanja: »Asexuality: A Sexual Orientation or an Unpleasant Medical Condition?«
12:30  PIELUŻEK, Marcin: »“Gays”, “lesbians” and “homosexuals” – an image of “The Other” and communication functions in the internet comments«
13:00  HAWKINS, Luisa: »Avoiding “Othering” in the Online Ethnography of Women’s Blogs: The Development of a Feminist Research Ethic«
13:30     Lunch Break

                Chair: COCEA, Eliza
15:30     HORVAT, Barbara: »How do People after Spinal Cord Injury Experience Themselves?«
16:00   MLINKÓ, Renáta: »The Others: Children with Physical Disabilities – Cognitive Skills and View of World«
16:30     KIRALY, Gabriella: »Characteristics of the Dyslexic Children’s Intelligence«
17:00     Break

                Chair: MLINKÓ, Renáta
17:30     JEREBIC, Sara: »Mistaking Someone in the Present for Someone from the Past«
18:00     COCEA, Eliza: »Being a Jew after the Iasi Pogrom of June 1941. The Image of the Other in the Eyes of Majority”
18:30     Break
18:45     Closing

Section C:

                Chair: PIRC, Tadej
10:00     CHAKVADZE, Lasha: »The Other in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man«
10:30    GÜLTEKIN, Ömer Kemal: »The Construction and the Function of the Other in Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians‏«
11:00    SALCBURGEROVA, Barbora: »Representation of Asian „Otherness“ in Contemporary American Films«
11:30     Break
12:00     GRAY, Josh: »The Other’s Otherness«
12:30   KOZMA, Bertalan: »The Ideological Causes behind the Conflicts between the USA and the Islam World«
13:00     DAEHNE, Christoph: »The Change in Asylum Seekers Benefits Act in Germany«
13:30     Lunch Break

                Chair: KOZMA, Bertalan
15:30     NAS, Alparslan: »The Role of the Media in Constructing “the Other”: Mehmet Aurelio’s Admission to Turkish Citizenship«
16:00     ŠKRABAN, Juš: »Trenirkarji - The Analysis of the Latest Case of Construction of the Other in Slovene Politics«
16:30    BAJIČ, Blaž and PROTNER, Beja: »“Tracksuits” and “Orange Faces” – “You See Him and You Know”: Discourse About the Appearance of Čefur«
17:00     Break

                Chair: NAS, Alparslan
17:30     ŠČEPETOVA, Anna: »The Stomper Subculture in Riga, Latvia«
18:00    JULEAN, Dan-Ionuț: »Issues of Jewishness in the European Diaspora. Challenges of “The Other” in Contemporary Society, Architecture, and Thought«
18:30     Break
18:45     Closing

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

20 min for presentation

Each participant has been allocated 20 min to present his/her paper, plus 10 min for discussion. 

Please keep this in mind!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Call for papers

International Interdisciplinary Student Conference 2012:
“The Others”

When: 16. 11. – 18. 11. 2012

Who: We welcome all students who submit their papers on time (no matter the level of studies, study, or age)

Where: Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

”The Others”

In submitted papers we will be looking for constructive thinking which will be focused on the relationship to and the construction of the others in any level of humanistic thought.

The goal is to point out and inquire about the concept of the other or others in relationship to our own existence.

Questions like these come to mind: Who or what is the other? How does the other appear? What is the role and position of the other in the process of formation and establishing and keeping our own identity? Why having others? Why the need for being different and not diverse? What kind of interactions appear between us and others? How it feels when we become the other? Is this classification apparent in today’s social climate? Can we learn something about people and their society from the way they accept others? How are others articulated and what kind of discourse appears in connection to them? Where are the differences most apparent and why in those areas? How important is differentiation and where it leads? What is natural in differentiation, if anything at all? Is differentiation good or should it be avoided?

We are interested in the others in relationship with gender, religion, continent, country (nationality), culture (subculture and contra culture), ethnicity, sexual orientation, world view (values), family, individual, and also others; others in media, school, work place, everyday life, social difference, literature, history, etc.

Who is being addressed with the term other; society or nature, foreigner or enemy, us or them?

Other info:

All interested parties should send their abstracts in English language (up to 300 words) to this address: no later than 16. 9. 2012, Subject: IISC2012.first name.surname.the title of the paper. 

Please let us know your information (first name, surname, e-mail, faculty/department, university, a short biography and an address to which you will receive the post-conference volume with selected papers short biography) in the same document.

You are provided with: 2x sleeping with breakfast, 1x conference dinner, 1x lunch between sessions, snacks and refreshments during the conference, working material and a copy of the post-conference volume. Travel expenses are covered by participants themselves.

All the applications will be read by the organizing committee who will let the applicant know their decision by 26. 9. 2012. The participants will then, with a conformational e-mail, register until 5. 10. 2012 or his/her position in the conference will be passed on to the next willing applicant.

The conference will be held in the English language. Each participant has been allocated 20 min to present his/her paper, plus 10 min for discussion.

The best papers will be selected and published in the post-conference volume.

We kindly ask you to send the invitation to all who you find could be interested and help them gain new experiences, and at the same time to make the confernece even better. Thank you!

We are looking forward to work with you!

Event is organized by A priori, society for humanities, art and cultural theory (A priori, društvo za humanistiko, umetnost in kulturološka vprašanja). Project leader is Nika Škof.